AI and Robots will change the way we create and consume content
The rapid pace of technological advancement is allowing more content to be created in more ways. Also, with the rise of automation, more people will be able to
How Moneymaker Hip Pump & Moneymaker Max Makes Life Of Farmers Better In Africa
Many African countries depend on Farming but farmers face a lot of challenges to accomplish their goals. One of the main challenges is low technology. With
Labor Market Research - GLM/LIC Call for proposal 2017
Phase IV GLM|LIC has started Phase IV of its research funding activities, with the overall objective of delivering a significant new body of evidence on
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Business and Investment

Introduction  We are surrounded by new ideas
Introduction A study conducted by Queen’s
I am old enough to change the world.   I
Smart Teens in the world   Nothing can stop

Research & Innovation

3 years ago
THE 7TH EAST AFRICAN HEALTH AND SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE Sub-themes will be presented and discussed during the first two days of the conference. Each sub-theme will start with a state-of-the-art presentation, after which evidence-based scientific material will be presented. The sub-themes will be ...