Radical & Success Mindset



Catching a ball & Discovering


It is not about practicing meditation; 

It is not about working smart or hard; 

It is not about having a strong gut feeling;

It is not about producing 6,200 thoughts per day;

It is not about accessing massive visual information;

It is not about more than millions of images in your mind;

It is not about reading more books, reports, and publications;

It is not about many discussions, meetings, and conferences;


It is about how you catch a ball and discover new ideas. 

It is the art of invention, discovery, and innovation.


Whether it is a discussion, action, thinking, imagination, meditation, gut feeling, observation, talking, or listening, the target is to catch a ball and discover new ideas. 

 Discovery and innovation begin with the radical way of thinking, imagining, listening, talking, acting, feeling, reading, observing, watching, and meditating. 

It is possible to change the world if we act with a radical mindset. This article will challenge you to be crazy enough to think beyond the known facts. It is the only way to change ourselves and change the world.


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