List of projects done

Promoting Tanzania Domestic Tourism
Fostering Innovation in Tourism. Ongoing project
The initiative is designed to promote and induce demand to citizens and create a culture shift towards domestic tourism. The initiative is also established to create enabling environment in terms of resources for citizens to visit tourist attractions. Strategic Partners are Mambo Jambo Tours and Travel Ltd, Tanzania Tourist Board, Research and Development Network and others. Planned to be launched 2019. STAY TUNED
Shaping the Future project
Innovative project for teenagers. Ongoing Project
The initiative is aimed at tackling day to day issues and social factors that affect or drive the lives of teenagers in society. Partners: Simaray Consultancy and RDN EU Consult. Will be launched 2019, stay tuned.
AIDEE Tanzania Chapter
One World Online Library- Ongoing project
The partnership project is designed to enable schools, universities and colleges to share and access reading materials anywhere in the world. The project objective is to provide a platform whereby all universities, industries, colleges and younger children from kindergarten to junior high schools will share all educational materials, thesis, full academic text books, research materials, journals, and articles in Africa and the rest of the world. Partners:- Final Vision Technology Ltd (Canada) and Research and Development Network (Tanzania). STAY TUNED.
Tribal Languages of Tanzania & Africa
Documenting & automating ECLs - Ongoing Project
The MVP available " The Innovative project was developed with the main objective of collecting, documenting and automating the Ethnics Community Languages Of Tanzania and Africa. Partners:- Research and Development Network (Tanzania), Mambo Jambo Tours and Travel(Tanzania) & Compyutech Ltd(Tanzania). Get connected to the project web page(
Occupation Therapy and rehabilitation Project
Occupation Therapy and rehabilitation of Mental ill patient. On going project
The project is designed to establish local economic productive ecosystem through Occupation Therapy and rehabilitation of Mental approach for ill patient with their diagnosis and stable mental status. Strategic Partners:- Doctor Godlisten Msuya, Doctor Hilda Basili and Doctor Irene Vitalis
Accessibility of Cooking gas energy
Scaling up the accessibility to affordable and reliable cooking gas
The program’s main objective is to scale up accessibility to affordable and reliable clean cooking gas energy services to low income community and rural areas by integrating women in the supply and distribution chain. Strategic Partners: Tanzania Education Sustainability Initiatives(Tanzania), Innovation and Consult Group Ltd(Rwanda), Okaalet and Associates Ltd (Kenya), Alvirah Trading Limited(Tanzania), and Research and Development Network(Tanzania).
Girls' empowerment
Promoting Gender Equality. Ongoing Project
Strengthening social, political, economic and technological environments towards gender equality and preventing Gender Based Violence (GBV). Strategic Partners:- Mugenyi Business and Health Consultancy Ltd(Tanzania), Elly Attorneys(Tanzania), Mugenyi Business Consultancy(Tanzania), Equality For Growth (Tanzania), Resource Mobilization and Management Centre(Tanzania), and Research and Development Network (Tanzania)
Leather Goods Manufacturing
Scaling up IT and Innovation in Leather Goods Manufacturing
Strengthening Technological and Innovation Capabilities Of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Engaged In Footwear and Leather Goods Manufacturing Sub-Sectors In Tanzania. Strategic Partners:- Leather Association of Tanzania and Ministry Of Industries Trade And Investment
Music and media Production
IT based music and media production. Ongoing project
The Smart music and media production is a vertically integrated IT design in production of music and media. The initiative strategy is to bring together IT technology and production to produce music and media services according to customers preference. Strategic Partners:- Mr. Ibrahim Zawadi(IT Expert), Mr. Kazimoto (Music Engineer) and Research and Development Network Ltd.
Adherence to Medication
Combating Antimicrobial resistance and treatment failure. Ongoing project
Promoting good adherence to prescribed medications to the community by using "local context". Strategic Partners:- Doctor Martin Rwechungura, Doctor Hilda Basil, Dr. Lea Mpolela and Research and Development Network