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Contact Tel:+255764 895 404/ +255754605682E-mail: sekiku@fadeco.co.tz


FADECO Bio-crops is a local sole entrepreneurship company that was established to promote proven and working agricultural technologies, particularly in the feeds of production of clean planting materials via tissue culture and other seeds.

Since the year 2000, the entire region of Kagera in  NW Tanzania which is a major banana producing region was attacked by a notorious BANANA BACTERIAL WILT.

The virus started slowly until much later when it was realized that, much of the banana farms were destroyed by the wilt. This has affected food security and income generation at the household level coupled with adverse social problems like theft,  and poor standards of living.

Therefore, FADECO BIO CROPS is taking up this challenge, to utilize recommended tissue culture technology, by establishing a laboratory for producing clean banana planting materials in Kagera region, to meet the demand of farmers. The plan is to establish a fully fledged scientific tissue culture laboratory and be able to produce tissue culture banana plants in adequate numbers to supply the over 2.0 million banana growers in Kagera region.





Kagera, Tanzania
Address: Plot 281/283 Kagera Street, Ruzinga Area, Kayanga Town