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Looking for partners to enrich our research product "A Link Survey), a data collection software designed in a way data collection can be done by using tablets/ smartphone instead of using printed questionnaires. The software is linked directly to SPSS, Stata and excel database. Therefore when data collected by using this software are linked to the database. The software also allows you to clean data before exported to the database. By using A-Link Survey software research activities are done in a user-friendly and it is cost effective compared to other methods.

Special Features for A Link Survey:

1. Conserve the environment: With the use of hard copy questionnaires, it’s very easy to pollute the environment especially after completing the study. Littering of papers is very common in most African countries.

2. Safe and security of the data: The software is a web-based tool that has strong security for the data compared to hard copy questionnaire that can be lost easily for example during the rainy season. During the rainy season, most research stuck leading to the delay of the report on the study.

3. Integrated with 3 analytical software; Most of the software is integrated with 1-2 analytical software that is SPSS and Excel. While for A-LINK SURVEY SOFTWARE it is integrated with 3 analytical software that is SPSS, Excel, and STATA. The additional program of STATA makes the software unique compared to other software.

4. Time utilization; Among all factors that lead to development time is part of it. When time is used effectively there will be a good development to a certain activity or area. So when using hard copy questionnaires, a lot of time is being used especially in data entry and cleaning. While for the software there is no time used for data entry after data collection is done.

5. Efficiency and Accuracy of the data; For a report to be perfect the data should be clean and have good meaning so as to accomplish the objective. So during data entry, many mistakes are done for example an entrant can type 5 instead of 6. While with the use of our software it is more efficient and accurate because the information is not entered more than once.




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