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Meditation is the act of focusing on one’s thoughts, reflecting on or pondering over them. It helps us to silence our minds to listen to the deepest profound wisdoms from our spirits. There is unlimited wisdom, peace, love, joy, success, health, and wealth within us. Meditation helps us to access these abundances. More than accessing these abundances, meditation connects us with new ideas.

There is a way we can practice meditation to get peace, joy, and love. There is a way we can practice meditation to be healthy. There is a way we can practice meditation to align with the wealth and riches within us. Also, there is a way we can practice meditation to discover and develop new ideas.

We can meditate and discover new ideas if our minds are programmed to be receptive to new ideas. Also, we can meditate and discover nothing rather than information if our minds are not programmed to be receptive to new ideas.

It all depends on how we have programmed our minds on practicing meditation.


What is Radical Meditation?

Radical meditation is the ability to ponder positively on one thought beyond the fundamental nature or facts. You ponder one thought while fixing your mind on understanding more beyond the known facts. You keep your mind open to new suggestions while focusing on one thought. The focus of radical meditation is to explore and discover new ideas from your higher self.

Many companies have adopted meditation to improve creativity. The Walt Disney Company was an early adopter of meditation in the workplace to improve creativity. Google also has the Search Inside Yourself program and has built a labyrinth for mindful walking meditations.


How to Program Radical Meditation

Radical meditation depends on radical thinking and meditation skills. Therefore, it is necessary to program our minds on radical thinking and understand meditation techniques to practice radical meditation. Use the following techniques to practice radical meditation;


Practice Radical Thinking

Our mindsets determine how we practice meditation. It is easy to practice radical meditation if we practice radical thinking. The first step to practicing radical meditation is to practice radical thinking. Program the following attitudes in your mind to practice radical thinking;

  • Always appreciate what others think.
  • Always think of alternative
  • Always think more than what is known



Take a pen and notebook. Find a quiet place, sit and relax. Use the breath-in and breathe-out technique to make your body and mind relaxed. Focus your mind on one strategic issue you want to improve or achieve. For example, you want to improve the organization system. Focus your mind on the organization system. Meditate on it and be open to new suggestions from your higher self and write new suggestions. 

Source: The Art of Discovery & Innovation 


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