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Listening is a vital skill for effective communication. It is easy to understand if you have good listening skills. Also, it is not easy to understand if you do not have good listening skills. Having good listening skills is important in communication. But having a radical listening mindset is very important in business and life.  

There is a way we listen to catch new ideas. Also, there is a way we listen and end up with nothing rather than inner critics. We can listen and spot new ideas if our mindsets are programmed to be receptive to new ideas. Also, we can listen and discover nothing rather than information if our mindsets are not programmed to be receptive to new ideas.

It all depends on how we have programmed our minds on listening.


What is Radical Listening?

Radical listening is the ability to listen beyond the fundamental nature or facts of something. Radical listening helps us to listen while fixing our minds to understand and appreciate the true meaning while scanning new ideas. It helps us to discover new ideas from our daily conversations or discussions. 

Lainie Heneghan states that practicing radical listening helps you to hear not only what people are saying, but also focus in a way that you can appreciate their meaning and understand what’s behind the words as well as themselves. The focus of radical listening is on catching a ball, not throwing it back. 

What do you listen to and catch from your daily discussions and conversations?

  • Do you spot new ideas when listening to discussions and conversations?
  • Do you see anything new beyond speeches when listening to the world leaders’ speeches? 
  • Do you see anything new beyond when you listen to the meeting discussions?
  • Do you see anything new beyond your friend’s words when listening to your friends?   

There are many new ideas in our daily conversations and discussions. It is possible to listen and catch these new ideas if we practice radical listening and thinking. Also, it is impossible to listen and discover these new ideas if we don’t practice radical listening and thinking.

In 2018, when I opened the RDN-EU window for funding consultation, I discovered many new ideas in every meeting and discussion I had with my clients. When people are talking or discussing problems, behind those problems, there are many new ideas. It is easy to spot these ideas if we practice radical listening and thinking. Otherwise, we end up discussing and understanding problems without catching new ideas. 

Inventors and Innovators discover new ideas from their daily meetings, conferences, workshops, or any oral presentation. They don’t only participate in these events as ordinary people do. Also, they don’t only listen, but they listen to catch a ball and discover new ideas. They participate with two eyes and two ears. The two eyes and ears help them to listen radically and get new ideas from these events.


How to Program Radical Listening

Radical Listening depends on radical thinking and communication skills. Therefore, it is necessary to program our minds on radical thinking and improve our communications skills to practice radical listening. Use the following steps and techniques to practice radical listening;


Step 1: Practice radical thinking.

Radical listening is a result of radical thinking. The first step to practicing radical listening is to program your mind on radical thinking. Program the following attitudes in your mind to practice radical thinking;

  • Always appreciate what others think.
  • Always think of alternative
  • Always think more than what is known.
  • Always ask questions to understand more than the known facts. 
  • Always ask why only this or why this way? 
  • Always ask how it will look if we change.


Step 2: Nurture Your Inner Conversation

Internal conversation enables us to communicate in the inner world. It is the self-talk within us. Nurture your inner talk to see good in every conversation. Talk to your inner man to be receptive to new ideas. I always tell my inner man to see the good in everything in life. Inspire it to learn more rather than being a critic when you talk or listen to others. Positive talk with your inner man is the best approach to inspiring a radical mindset. 


Step 3: Advance External Communication

External communication is the communication between us and other people or our network. External communication gets expressed through the words of your mouth, actions, writings, or drawings. Use the following techniques to advance the way you present your messages and strengthen interpersonal relationships with your network or team.

  • Appreciation

Appreciation has a positive value when you interact with your network or people. It is the act of showing your gratitude that motivates the person who delivered the service. When you practice appreciation, be specific, positive, and honest. 

  • Contribution

Contributing is an excellent opportunity to communicate and engage with people. When you practice contribution, be active and share positive experiences. It inspires interpersonal relationships and helps the speaker to express themselves from the heart.

  • Asking

You will learn more if you dare to ask questions in your network or team. If you ask, you get it. If you don’t ask, you don’t get it. Asking a lot of questions helps you to unlock learning and improves interpersonal bonding. The best option is to ask professional questions to help you communicate, learn, and influence interpersonal relationships. Use the right tone, the right sequence of questions, and appropriate responses when asking questions. 


Step 4: Write New Ideas & Develop It

Use a notebook, mobile phone, or tablet to write new ideas. Listen and write new ideas.  Chant, research and connect dots to explore more. Develop new ideas into products or services.

 SourceThe Art of Discovery & Innovation 


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