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Talking is a vital skill for effective communication. There is a way you can initiate and maintain a conversation and inspire others to share more insights. Also, there is a way you can initiate and maintain conversation and silence others. It depends on how you initiate and maintain your conversation. You get access to new ideas if you initiate and maintain a conversation that inspires others to share more insights. You miss new ideas if you initiate and maintain a conversation that silences others to share more insights. It all depends on how you initiate and maintain your conversation.


What is Radical Talking?

Radical talking is the ability to listen and talk positively with new insights to inspire others to share more insights. You appreciate the meaning of what others have said and inspire them to talk more.

Radical talking creates trust between two parties involved in conversations.  It is a talk from the heart that inspires trust between two parties. It is the art of connecting with others and flowing on the topic to explore more about it. Radical talking helps us to get more insights.

Innovators or inventors have to practice radical talking to get more insights to catch new ideas. Our talking should be positive and appreciative to inspire more insights. Appreciating what others have said, builds trust which opens the door for more conversations.

In 2017, I attended the labor force market conference for Sub-Saharan Africa in Lusaka, Zambia. During that discussion, I practiced radical talking by presenting unemployment from a different perspective. I appreciated all insights about unemployment. But my viewpoint was to challenge the root cause of unemployment. The real unemployment in Africa is mindset unemployment. Unemployment is not a big issue in Africa if we address the mindset problem. Africa should talk about decent work but not unemployment.

      Yes, I am trading groundnut's small business. My vision is to create a distribution channel in Africa. But, currently, I distribute one kilogram per day in Tanzania. How can you help me to grow and reach 52 countries in Africa? But most people don’t value these small businesses. They consider it as an interim business. Most of the small traders do not have a vision of what they do.  My challenge to the panel was to inspire more insights and discuss from different perspectives to discover more ideas.

This kind of radical talking helps us to open our minds to think more. We get more insights and catch new ideas when we inspire others to open up and talk more.


How to Program Radical Talking

Everyone can program and master radical talking. Decide now to practice and master radical talking. Use the following steps and techniques to practice and program radical talking;


Step 1: Practice radical thinking.

Radical talking is a result of radical thinking. Your words express your thinking. The first step to practicing radical talking is to program your mind on radical thinking. Program the following attitudes in your mind to practice radical thinking;

  • Always appreciate what others think.
  • Always think of alternative
  • Always think more than want is known?
  • Always ask questions to understand more than the known facts. 
  • Always ask why only this or why this way? 
  • Always ask how it will look if we change.

Programing these attitudes will help you to appreciate and think beyond the fundamental facts and inspire others to talk more. 


Step 2: Nurture Your Inner Conversation

Internal conversation enables us to communicate in the inner world. It is the self-talk within us. Nurture your inner talk to see good in every conversation. Talk to your inner man to listen more and find a way to inspire other to talk more. Inspire your inner man to learn more rather than being critical when you talk or listen to others. Positive talk with your inner man is the best approach to inspire radical talking.


Step 3: Advance External Communication

External communication is the communication between us and other people or our network. External communication gets expressed through the words of your mouth, actions, writings, or drawings. Use the following techniques to advance the way you present your messages to strengthen interpersonal relationships and inspire others to open up more.

  • Use the right tone to communicate and develop great relationships. People are more forthcoming when you casually ask questions.
  • Be in a position to respond to the conversation appropriately and on time. A conversation is a dance that requires partners to be in sync. It’s a mutual push and pull that unfolds over time. Just as the way we ask questions can facilitate trust and sharing of information. Being transparent and honest is the best option for the best response in learning and influencing business and interpersonal relationships.


Step 4: Write New Ideas & Develop It

Use a notebook, mobile phone, or tablet to write new ideas. Talk and write new ideas.  Chant, research and connect dots to explore more. Develop new ideas into products or services.

 SourceThe Art of Discovery & Innovation 


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