How to Program Your Acting & Be Receptive to New Ideas



Actions bring results in our lives. There is no alternative to getting results without taking action. Everyone knows how to act or work to achieve different goals in life. We have been doing this in our lives. But we differ in results.


There is a way we can act to get results at a speed.

There is a way we can act and take a long time to get results.

There is a way we can act to get more results.

There is a way we can act to get little results.

There is a way we can act and fail to get what we want. 

There is a way we can act to get what we want.


It is not about hard-working nor smart-working.

It is acting from our intuition.


We can act at a speed and discover new ideas if our mindsets are programmed to be receptive to new ideas. Also, we can act and discover nothing rather than information if our mindsets are not programmed to be receptive to new ideas.

It's all depends on how we have programmed our mindset on acting.


What is Radical Acting?

Radical acting is the ability to act beyond the fundamental nature of something. You work not only beyond the comfort zone, but you also focus your minds and act from your intuition. Do not overthink. Just do it at a speed once you get guidance. You work with gratitude and be open to learning more.

Innovation or invention is a factor of time. You have to act fast to develop and take the product to the market. Otherwise, if you are slow, you can find the product already in the market, or miss the opportunity. Radical acting helps us to act speedily by following our inner guidance. Act immediately by using your intuition.

Most successful people act radically in executing their strategies. Burt Dubin is among the successful real estate investors in America who trusted working from his intuition. Dubin was looking to buy a four–corner property in Kingman, Arizona. But one night, he heard an inner voice that he had to drive to Kingman, Arizona at 3:00 AM. The guidance from intuition came after his agent informed him that there are no four corner properties listed for sales. Since he trusted his intuition, he got into the car immediately and drove to Kingman, Arizona. What happens? He found a four-corner property for sale and bought it by escrow.

Steve Jobs who is the founder of Apple Inc is the great inventor in the world who also trusted working from his intuition. He achieved the best in innovation by acting from his intuition guidance. According to Steve Jobs, Intuition is more than intellect.

From this perspective, you will discover that,

  1. Intuition helps us to listen and discover. You listen and catch new ideas.
  2. Intuition helps us to take action and discover. You listen and take action.

Radical acting is working beyond the fundamental fact of something or work more than intellect because you listen to your gut feeling. No logic. Just act according to your gut and learn more.


How to Program Radical Acting?

Everyone can program radical acting. Decide now to practice radical acting or working. Use the following steps and techniques to practice and program radical acting;


Step 1: Meditate & Intuition

Practicing meditation before taking action is necessary to get positive results. Meditation silence many noises in your mind for you to listen to your intuition. Practicing meditation increases your antenna to access your deepest inner voice. It is the best way to access guidance from your intuition on how to execute your plan. It is an easy and effective way of working and getting results.

King David in the Bible was one of the Israel nation kings who won all wars during his leadership. He was always consulting God and getting guidance on how to strike his enemy. The same model can be used in business or life to bring positive results at speed.


Step 2: Visualize

Get a clear mental picture of guidance from your inner voice. It will help you to bypass and store the images in your subconscious mind. Once stored in the subconscious, it triggers the willpower to pursue what you want to achieve.


Step 3: Decree and Take Action

Decree what you want after you have created a clear mental picture in your mind. A decree helps your senses to work together with the inner world system to get what you want. Take massive actions to get what you want.


Step 4: Learn & improve

Take action first and learn through the process. It is the best school for everyone who wants to invent or innovate. Do not wait to learn first and then take action. Take action and learn in the process.


Step 5: Decree and Take Action

Learn, decree, and take action until you get what you want. Practice decree and work from your intuition until you get what you want.

Practice these five steps daily until you get what you want.  


Step 6: Write New Ideas & Develop it

Use a notebook, mobile phone, or tablet to write new ideas. Work and write new ideas.  Chant and connect dots to explore more. Develop new ideas into products or services.


 Source: The Art of Discovery & Innovation 

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