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Imagination is the power of creativity. All humans are born with imagination. We use it every day to create what we have in our lives. Imagination helps us to see and store images of things we want to accomplish in our minds. It is easy to create reality if our minds have clear pictures of what we want in life. Though everyone practice imagination. Not everyone can create new ideas from imagination.

There is a way we can imagine and catch new and unique images of things in life. Also, there is a way we can imagine and come up with nothing rather than the same repeated images. We can imagine and discover new ideas if our mindsets are programmed to be receptive to new ideas. Also, we can imagine and discover nothing rather than information if our mindsets are not programmed to be receptive to new ideas.

It all depends on how we have programmed our mindsets. Those who practice radical imagination catch new ideas and become great designers, extraordinary, rich, and wealthy. But those who practice ordinary imagination discover nothing rather than enjoying images in their minds.


What is Radical Imagination?

Radical Imagination is the ability to visualize beyond the fundamental nature of something. We see not only the image of known facts, but we also focus our minds in a way that we can appreciate and visualize beyond. Visualizing beyond the known facts helps us to catch new features or be creative.

Radical imagination is an architect of new features in our minds. It is the art of catching new features beyond the known. We discover new features by keeping our minds open to new suggestions.

We become more creative if we program our minds to ask the following questions for every imagination. 

  • Why only this? 
  • How does it look if we make some changes? 
  • What will happen if we add some features? 

Radical Imagination helps us to look at things from different perspectives. Many inventions and innovations that break the status quo came from radical imagination.


Nicola Tesla, who worked in early 1900, made many inventions. He developed the ability to visualize his work to get a clear picture of what he wanted. He used radical imagination to visualize and discover electric currents, magnetic fields, and complex rotating machinery.


How to Program Radical Imagination

Everyone can practice radical imagination. Decide now to practice radical imagination. Use the following steps and techniques to practice and program radical imagination;


Step 1. Practice Radical Thinking

Our mindsets determine how we imagine. We can practice radical imagination effectively if we practice radical thinking. The first step to practicing radical imagination is to practice radical thinking. Program the following attitudes in your mind to practice radical thinking;

  • Always appreciate what others think.
  • Always think of alternative
  • Always think more than what is known.


Step 2. Visualize beyond the known features

Always imagine that everything you imagine is not the final. Challenge yourself with the following question;

  • Always imagine alternative
  • Always imagine more than what is known.
  • Always ask questions to understand more than the known facts. 
  • Always ask yourself why only this or why this way? 
  • Always ask yourself how it will look if we change.


Programing these attitudes will help you to appreciate, imagine beyond the fundamental facts, and be creative. 


For example



The following image is known as the image of a heart. Whenever you imagine the heart, this image comes to your mind. This image represents the heart because it looks like a heart. It is a known fact of the image of a heart.


By using our ordinary imagination, this is the only image of the heart. We believe there is no alternative because we limit our minds to imagining beyond the known facts.  But by using radical imagination, this is not the final and end image of a heart. The mind is open to imagining more with the following options; 

  • What will happen if we change the design? 
  • How does it look if we add some features?
  • Is there an alternative to this image?
  • Why this image?


By using radical imagination, we appreciate and acknowledge that this is the image of a heart. But, it is not true that this is the only image of a heart. This kind of imagination helps you to catch new ideas and be creative.


3. Write New Ideas & Develop It

Use a notebook, mobile phone, or tablet to write new ideas. Imagine and write new ideas.  Chant, research and connect dots to explore more. Develop new ideas into products or services.

 Source: The Art of Discovery & Innovation 


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